Business Plan Input and Matching stage

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II. Input and Matching Phase

External Scan

A. Describe three (3) external conditions relevant to the firms industry for each of the four external forces (economic, social, political, and technological).

B. Prepare an Industry/Firm Analysis using Porters 5-Forces Model.
1. For suppliers: what supplies are provided to your firm, how many suppliers are there; Who are the major suppliers (identity and describe at least 2-3specific suppliers); how much bargaining power does each supplier group have?
2. For consumers: What are the major categories of buyers for your firm (identify and describe at least 2-3 specific groups), how many are there in each group; how much bargaining power do they have?
3. For current competition: Who are the major players in the industry; what is your firms market share; what are the competitors market shares, what are some of the distinctive characteristics of each of the major firms in the industry?
4. For threat of new entrants: What is the potential for new entrants to the industry, what obstacles would they have to overcome to gain entry into the industry, who might the new entrants be?
5. Substitute products: What industry is your firm in? What are the potential substitutes (2-3), what are the industry characteristics of substitute produces, how much influence do they have on the firms industry?

B. Prepare an EFE for your firm (top 3 O/T each and why selected); comment on the results of the EFE; that is, does Fords current strategy address its external environment conditions; is there a need for a change in its current strategic direction?

Internal Scan

A.Provide a description of each of the following functional areas (refer to the text for description and audit checklist):

1.Management: include at a minimum its top management team, organizational structure, HR practices and culture
2.Marketing: at a minimum a description of the 4Ps.
3.Finance: include a financial ratio analysis of 5 relevant ratios, as well as change in growth for sales and net income for your firm and 1 competitor for a 3year period. Compare these findings with a competitor (Toyota). Comment on your results (use the approach in Individual Assignment 1 as a guide).
4.Production/operations: facilities, capacity, process
5.R&D: how is R&D approached ( in-house, contracted), innovation projects in progress
6.Management information systems: how is data collected, stored, and presented as usable information to make decisions?

B. Prepare an IFE for your firm (identify top 3 S/W each, and why selected); comment on the results of the IFE. That is, how well does Fords current resources potentially contribute to organizational success in its industry?

SWOT Matrix

Develop a SWOT matrix based on the EFE and IFE prepared in the last section. List only the two most important opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. Develop one well- stated strategy for each quadrant.

Space Matrix

A.Develop a Space Matrix based on two factors for each category (i.e., financial position, industry position, competitive position, stability position).

B.Comment on the results of the vector, provide a list of all the potential strategies that could be considered; state the strategy type in terms of the firm you are analyzing (for example, market development by expanding to Central America).