Business Performance and Strategy Analysis of Blackberry Company

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Hi, the paper has to answer both questions below for blackberry :
a) to what extent and how can the strategy followed by the company be explained by theories of positioning, resources or other approaches to strategy; and
b) to what extent and why do you consider that the current strategy is likely to succeed?
You will need to decide and justify the time period over which you will analyse strategy and performance.
70% of the marks are for part (a) and 30% for part (b).
So, the paper needs to divide into 2 different sections. I will send you 2 sample essays ( 1 is for Apple company, and another 1 is for Blackberry which done by senior), I need you to follow the way the do the essays, and pick up the main theories of resources and positioning and points, and what i was not expecting is those kind SWOT or Pestel analysis. And perhaps you can put those graphs and figures like them.
My references should be done in Harvard APA style, and PLEASE look at the BOTH coursework requirement that I have sent you, and aware of those emphasized points. So , in total i will upload 4 files for you as reference.
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