Business management homework help

Need 1 powerpint slide per issue.  The issues are below with all of the information.  The slides should have detialed information. So in total there should be 4 slides since there are 4 problems.  If need there can be multiple slides per problem.


  1. Management Process

DC has identified and recommends that CanGo revise their management process which is out of line with other successful corporate structures, their process is broken and not working for them. First we need to figure out what exactly a management processes is and how does it work. By definition, a management process is “is a process of setting goals, planning and/or controlling the organizing and leading the execution of any type of activity, such as: a project (project management process) or. a process (process management process, sometimes referred to as the process performance measurement and management system)”. (Definition of management processes) So in other words, it is the starting point of the business as well as a guidance tool.

In order for a good or rather great management process to happen in your job, you first must have the right people. So this means people who are genially patient and can multi-task two or more problems at once. For instance, in Can-Go`s situation, if they had, had a good management team in place we believe that their managers would of put a little more thought into going out and spending money on a machine they really had no need for. Also we think that had they had a good management team, they could have been more prepared for what could lay ahead for their job and future at Can-Go. Now our group is not saying that buying the machine was a horrible idea, we just do not really think it was the best time to. We believe that this piece of equipment could have been bought future down the road when there was enough business in the company to be profitable. But, at the end of the day it usually comes down to the management team for a vote to see what passes and what does not pass.


  1. Corporate Organizational Structure

The second issue that our group saw wrong during the video was the team’s lack of online selling techniques. It seems like they may have a website or a company page, but the only way they are going to get any business is market themselves. They can do this a couple of different ways: first off, they could go out on social media, and try to draw people in by offering some incentive like offering something free for allowing Can-Go to come into their business and help them solve a solution. Or two they need to reach out to investors that might be willing to give them money in exchange for a percentage of the company. An example of this, would be from our videos this week when they were talking about the conveyer belt they bought. Our group thinks that they either need to offer a discount to those who bought their product in bulk and how they could use the conveyer belt to speed that process up. So their ROI (return on investment is shorter than the average)

Our team thinks that it is a good idea but, we think that Can-Go either needs the business first or they need investors to come in and help with the finances. There is no reason that a company needs to run out a buy a conveyer belt to speed up production just because one or two people think so. Now it would be different, if there was a vote taken from the people on the board, but there was not. One of the managers just decided to go out a purchase the equipment before discussing it with anyone.


  1. Effects of Implementing Technology

One of the issues that were observed in week three’s videos were the concerns of the employees that with the implementation of technology, more specifically Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) that can go would ultimately end up downsizing its current staffing levels due to the replacement of people with computers, hardware, and software to perform many of the duties that the existing employees perform.

DC recommends that CanGo should find a way to utilize or re-allocate any displaced employees that are affected by consolidations due to technology implementation. According to the videos, a human employee is able to pick approximately 45 books per hour compared to the automated system retrieving approximately 360 books per hour, all while significantly minimizing picking errors and eliminating distractions. With minimal amount of effort the existing employees of can go can be retrained to perform new roles within a changing company. One of the sound benefits of utilizing the existing employees, is their understanding of company policies and expectations as opposed to hiring contractors or new employees that will have some sort of a curve when it comes to learning their roles responsibilities and expectations.

  1. Opportunities in New Markets

CanGo needs to stretch its market share across the globe, and they have a target in the Asian markets which currently dominate online sales. If can go is to be successful in new markets it must take full advantage of global opportunities and do its best to capture the Asian market audience.

DC recommends that CanGo respond to this new venture as a new startup situation with little information as an informational gathering in the beginning. In order to better educate themselves as to international etiquette and behaviors of the Asian market. Collect data on to as much sales trends as possible so that can go can utilize this information for its own benefit and corpora