Business management homework help

Students will develop a resource plan that includes the identification of types of resources and how they will acquire them. Students will then develop a communications plan that identifies who they will communicate with, how often, meeting format, and samples of types of progress and issue tracking reports they will present.

Your assignment for this week is refine the project plan you generated in week 3 with resource names and material resources versus roles assignments, how you will acquire them and a list of at least 3 considerations that could impact project end date based on resource availability. Use the template below to develop the resource plan. Next enter this resource information into MS project. Answer these questions after you have entered this information in MS Project:

What was the impact to the overall schedule end date?

Will need to have more resources to complete within the original date?

Can you use resource leveling to bring in the end date, why or why not?

This is an example of the resource table from MS Project that you will be filling in:


The second deliverable for this week is a communications plan that identifies how often, the types of communication, to whom, and the name of the available MS Project Report if applicable. You may use this table as a template for developing your overall communication plan or design your own.


deliverable length 2-3 pages