Business management homework help

Blue Bird Industries is the leading company in offering commercial building sites business and construction plans aimed at reducing water run-off and increasing electricity efficiency. Commercial businesses such as Mercy Hospital and the Marriott Hotel chain entrust us wholeheartedly to recommend the most profitable construction plans that abide by the California Green Building Code.

(We are trying to convince people to switch to green building)




This is what I’m focusing Water Efficiency And Conservation (from page 97-108)

  • Proposal Executive Summary (write this second to last.)
  • Purpose – in one to three sentences, tell your readers the reason for your proposal.
  • Problem — clearly state the problem in a problem statement. Briefly summarize the knowledge you obtained through primary and secondary research.
  • Solution(s) and the benefits of implementing your solution(s). Include the timeline and budget plans.
  • Body

o Write up the background information of your fictitious business and the current state. Include your industry as well.

o Persuade the reader to buy-in to your solutions throughout the report by choosing the right tone, word choice, and concise data.

o Provide any or all of the following discussions:

  • Research to support recommendations
  • Describe optimum solution and proposed work or action needed
  • Alternative solutions with pros and cons
  • Recommendations for new policies and procedures
  • Timeline for plan, organize, lead and control stages
  • Budget that includes all stages of the functions of management
  • Conclusion/Recommendation

o Summarize your proposal and restate the problem, your solution, and the probable benefits and expected outcomes.

  • APA Format – Reference page

o Include a minimum of 2 academic references