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BLAW 301 Field Ed Paper Guidelines The field ed. paper questions below are designed to get you thinking more deeply about what you observed in the field ed events you witnessed (phone calls in class and out of class experiences if you participated in out of class field ed). The paper you hand into me should not be a list of answers to each question as though you are being interviewed by a reporter. In past semesters, field ed papers often contain too much writing that’s in a manner of a historical record discussing the facts of each case observed with little conclusions or sharing from the writer as to his/her thoughts, feelings, questions, ideas about what the legal system’s effect on people, how to change the legal system and reactions both positive and negative. When it’s time to write the paper recall memories or notes and let your mind ponder on what you saw, compare it to what you are being exposed to in the book and class, factor in your own conclusions (maybe your own life experiences) and start writing until you complete four pages. A cover page is not a page. 12 pt type double space, 1 (one) inch margins. Attach your filled out Hours Log when you hand in your paper. ____________________________________________________________________________ Questions. 1 As to the client’s request for remedy, does it matter how the client got to the position s/he is in? If so, how? 2. Has participating in field ed exposed you to learning that was not covered in the textbook or class? If so, how? 3. Has participating in field ed. had an impact on your understanding of the American legal system. If so, how? 4. Has participating in field ed. had an impact on your understanding of a person’s relationship to the law. If so, how? 5. If you had the power to do so, what would you change in the legal system and why ? 6. What are some of your feelings regarding the cases your observed? 7. Comment on the ethical or moral ramifications of what you saw and listened too.