Business Law Assignment

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Describe and Analyze a Situation of Negligence

You will select a situation that can lead to a law suit for negligence and analyze it following the methodology we have studied which is summarized for you in the handout called, “Negligence Review: How to Write a Prize Winning Answer to a Negligence Problem.”
To avoid unnecessary complexity, please select a situation that involves one plaintiff and one defendant.
You will submit a typewritten paper of no more than 5 pages in length.
Your paper need not follow classic rules or format because you are not writing an academic paper, you are preparing a legal memo. You need to include the following (other than your name of course:)
A brief description of the fact situation you will analyze
A heading for each topic (eg: “Duty of Care”)
A discussion of which of the three defences to negligence would apply to your situation
A statement of your conclusion: will this law suit succeed or not?
You must write in complete sentences.
The due date and weighting for this assignment is found in the course outline posted on Black Board.