Business Excellence Project

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The objective of the business excellence project is to develop and present a business excellence model of an organization or company (public or private). The following are the guidelines for the project:
The focus should be on the application of the learned business models to real-world companies/firms (public or private)
Examples of business excellence models include: International Quality Awards (EFQM, Baldridge, Deming), national quality awards (SKEA, Dubai Quality Award, Abu Dhabi Award) or ISO 9000 applications
The project is individual work. Individual grades will be given to team members. Each learner needs to submit a report to the instructor (25% grade) and a presentation (15% grade). Please refer to grading rubric on page 3.
Report: From 6-10 pages plus appendices including an Abstract, Introduction, firm/company background, used business model/award, critical analysis of the business model/award, conclusion, references, & appendices.
Presentation: 5 to 10 slides summarizing the project. Based on time available, you may not present the project to the class but the presentation is needed to be uploaded to VLE so that other learners can benefit from sharing projects.
Report grade is mainly based on material quality, relevance, coverage, format, and language.
Presentation grade will be based on quality of the presented material, coverage of the project, and responding to questions from instructor and learners.
Presentation grade is mainly based on the quality and clarity of presented information, the analysis and discussion, and practical aspects.
Please follow the format guidelines listed on the second page. 2
Report Format:
For the project report, I need 6-10 pages summary (You can add further details in the appendix)
– Title Page (HBMeU logo, Course Title, Project Title, Team names, Date)
– A table of Team names and each member’s contribution to the project (which section they
prepared, which information they collected, which analysis they conducted, etc.)
– Abstract (a brief summary of the project idea, method, and key findings)
– Introduction (a summary on project idea, objectives, organization, and the rationale of the used
business model)
– Organization/company Background (a brief of company information/business/services)
– Used business excellence model (brief description of the used excellence model or award or model you propose to be used in the organization). Summarize why the model is selected, how the model is applied, and what are the challenges (further details can be put in the appendix).
– Critical Analysis (present your analysis of the benefits/problems/value of the used business model, list your suggestions for solutions/improvement)
– Conclusion (half page of lessons learned and findings)
– References (list all sources of your information)
– Appendices (add any detailed data, tables, graphs, etc.)
Format: Pease follow APA style (
Make sure that the write-up is high quality and free of errors and consider that it is being submitted to a conference on Business Excellence.
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