Business Ethics Principles based on the movie Food, Inc  

Order Instructions/Description
This writing assignment will require you to complete some research on a recent business matter
and draft a paper that discusses that recent event in the context of business ethics, utilizing the
various principles of ethical conduct discussed in Chapter 8 of the textbook “Business, Government & Society”, Steiner (2012)
13th Edition

You will then analyze the movie “Food,Inc”, examining the conduct of the parties involved
from at least three of the principles of ethical conduct discussed in Chapter 8. You must choose
one ethics theory from each of the three columns below to analyze the movie you have chosen to
write about.(I chose The Disclosure Rule, The Conventionalist Ethic, and The Intuition Ethic)

All papers should be organized into the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Thesis Statement
3. Factual Summary of the Movie
4. Summary of the Ethics Viewpoints
5. Ethical Analysis of the Movie from Each of the Three Viewpoints
6. Conclusion

In addition, you will need to complete original research on the ethics viewpoints/principles that
you have chosen to use to analyze the movie, and you will be required to complete original
research on the information presented in the movie utilizing the college library’s research
collection. Your paper should cite a minimum of seven research sources using MLA format for
your citations. You should include a Works Cited section at the end of your paper that identifies
all research sources. You must also utilize in-line citations to your research sources within the