Business Article Review

Please write 2-2 1/2 page paper (12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins). The 2 ½ paper should be a synopsis of an internet article that provides some new ideas about workplace teams. You can use this web site or any web site you like as long as its about the topic Some New Ideas About Workplace Teams. (Please include the title and author of the article that you read and insert a link to the article in your paper)• Please write a summary of the news story and the key learning points from the article. Please answer and address these questions in the article• What is the best idea that you discovered related to managing teams? • Based upon your new-found knowledge, how would you go about selecting team members for a team project in the future? • How would you divide work amongst team members for a team project? (How would you determine who would do what?) Why would you do it this way? • How would you motivate individuals who do not perform their part of the team project? How would you handle non-performance by a team member?

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