Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



One of your clients has asked you to give them a report to help them decide which of two companies mentioned below they should invest in.
1:Coles .
2:Woolworths .
The two companies are top 100 companies on the ASX.(Australian Stock Exchange) Your client want a Report of about 4A4 pages (main part of the report) that:
Outlines the business of each of the two companies 
Gives a comparison of the two companies 
Gives some financial information about the companies including dividends and share price for the last five years. 
They want the financial information as a comparison in: 
Tables and
The submitted report will contain :
1. A cover which includes your company name and logo and the title of the report 
2. An automatically updatable table of contents 
3. An executive summary 
4. A recommendation 
5. The report on the two companies 
6. A list of references used in the report 

Note: Please include a comparison of both companies on one chart.

Please adhere to the following formatting requirements: 
• The pages of the report should be appropriately numbered.
• All sections and sub-sections should be numbered and labelled with headings for ease of reference. 
The table of contents should be well formatted and automatically updatable. 
• The executive summary should be one full page. It should not simply be a prose of the table on contents but highlight key points and recommendations made within each section of the report. If management were to read that page alone, they should get a good idea of the key points made in the report. 
• The fonts used will be 12 point Times New Roman for the body text and 12 point Arial bold for the headings. All tables and figures should be numbered and labelled, with labels in an 11pt italic font. Tables and graphs will be centered horizontally on the page. 
•Please include a comparison of both companies on one chart. 
• Referencing should be based on Endnote and should be consistent .