Building Bridges

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Yousef Fakhroo

Building Bridges

Organization Chart

Below is the organization chart.

General Manager
Human Resource Manager
Chief Architecture


Casual Workers




















The managers will be responsible for managing and giving direction on how to carry out the building process. They will work together to ensure that the process is effect. The managers will be having a relevant degree and five years working experience.

Foreman and Casual Workers

Foreman will be supervising the casual worker and reporting to the Chief Architecture. He will have a college diploma in construction and two years experience as a foreman. The causal workers will be hired on daily bases to help in construction tasks, and they do not need any qualification.

Responsibility Matrix

Task GM HRM Casual workers CA Forman  
Supervision of managers, employment and approval of project information   Yes ____ ____ ____ ____
Recruitment and employee welfare concerns   ____ Yes ____ ____ ____
Supervision and employment of causal workers. Ensuring timely delivery of materials and work process   ____ ____ ____ ____ Yes
Designing of the structures and advising on how the project phases, ensuring quality of the project  ____ ____ ____ ____ No
 Provision of construction services like mixing the cement and watering the walls. ____ ____ Yes ____ ____


Communication Plan  

I will be communication with the managers on daily bases. The communication to managers will be done through email. They have to send a progress report email each day after completion of the tasks. I will also hold meeting on weekly bases to discuss on the progress of the project.



Quality Plan

Quality should be attained although the project. It will start with first milestone until the end. This will only be assured by providing good leadership skills. There can be many skilled offered but in this project, we would want to ensure that they are quality and are useful to the youth in the area. In order to assure the youth we will offer quality services, we will lay down the objectives of the projects. After each milestone we will counter check and see if the objectives have been approved. We will also have the best mentors that we can find that will offer good and quality services to the mentors.


Quality Management

       Project Title             PROJECT SPONSOR          Objective

          Building Bridges             Yousef Fakhroo                Develop Building Bridges and its Quality




Quality Assurance
                  MOHA PM
                  David Mathison
                  John Phill


To ensure that quality is attained, we will have a checklist for every quality control. Each milestone will be checked to ensure that it has attained the levels expected in the project.

Quality Checklist
Project:  Building Bridges
Milestone No Yes N/A Initial
  1. Setting up of informative youth groups comprising of fifteen members each.
  1. Assigning roles to each of the team members. Ensuring that each member associates positively with at least ten members daily.
  1. Comparative analysis of the operational activities of the organization.
  1. . Joint integration of the generated ideas and opinions from the formed groups.
  1. Organization of a joint conference for all participants to combine all the ideas generated during the group sessions.