BREXIT and its impact on the UK, EU and global economy

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Task –Discipline specific knowledge and critical thinking – BREXIT and its impact on the UK, EU and global economy (30 marks)


  1. You are required to investigate the background to the European Union and the UK’s position and role in the EU. Provide a detailed review of ‘should we leave’ or ‘should we stay’ from the perspective of the UK and critically evaluate those arguments. 10 marks


  1. What were the immediate effects of the BREXIT decision on currency values, stock markets, confidence and investment in the UK and in global markets? How has this been managed by governments and central banks (Provide evidence/data/graphs to support your discussion). 10 marks


iii. Investigate the process that is followed if a country leaves the EU and consider the ramifications and the long run implications of the BREXIT decision on the both the UK economy and the EU; on growth and trade. Using the information that you have gathered in the three questions, come to a conclusion about the future of the UK outside of the EU. 10 marks