BRANDING – The evidence-based practice in their health care

Assignment 5: Branding

Patients have been suffering in the hands of the incompetent nurses who have been
ignorant about the application of the evidence-based practice in their health care service delivery
(Bolton, 2013). The problem usually arises from the inability of most companies to consider
hiring talented and with significant academic qualification to perform their duties. As a manager
in this new firm, I am going to ensure that all the nurses acquire constant training that will
enhance their understanding of the management of various acute and chronic diseases. I am
confident that implementing these strategies can improve the patient safety and reduce the
fatalities resulting from negligence. I have worked in the healthcare facilities as the operations
manager for three years and I am knowledgeable about the various challenges that affect quality
care delivery. I have also worked as an advanced nurse practitioner in different organizations that
has enabled me to gain competency in the various aspects that relate to the handling of various
health conditions. Caring for patients demands the physical and emotional commitment of the
The teams I have worked with since I started pursuing this career have taught me that
there is no excuse for negligence. In 2005, I worked as an advanced nurse practitioner for
Blessed Hope Mental Hospital in France. I was promoted to the position of the healthcare
supervisor in 2007 where I gained various clinical expertise in monitoring the work of nurses. I
developed significant skills in handling the medical technology because my duty was to oversee
the performance of other nurses and writing a critical report on their technical skills on operating
the modern equipment in healthcare. My work as a point of care manager also made me
recognize that the frontline staff usually feel weak to challenge the operations in a rigid system.

Most of the complaints that I received while working as the supervisor in this institution
was an inadequate response to the complaints forwarded by the customers (Sellgren, Ekvall &
Tomson, 2006)I will ensure that in my capacity as the manager we embrace the modern
technology that focuses more on offering services on client-centered manner. I will ensure that
enough resources are spent on the customer relationship management systems that will facilitate
real-time communication with our patients (Denton, 2013). I understand that poor
communication channels between the patients and particular nurses are the primary reason for
underperformance in most health care facilities. All this will be aimed at enhancing hospitality
and trustworthiness of the patients with the staff so that quality care can be achieved. Engaging
the staff together with the patient is an essential strategy for protecting the service from failure
and is critical in making transformations.
I will also ensure that the health care under my leadership considers the minority groups
and the less affluent people in the provision of care. This aspect is because I learned that other
health care facilities have been discriminating these group of people on the issue of healthcare
(Ginter, Duncan & Swayne, 2013). I will ensure that equality is improved and that no patient is
left unattended because of the diversity-related issues.
I also understand the issue of legal and ethical considerations that constitutes the quality
of care. I will ensure that my staff conforms to the legal standards as required by the law to
minimize confrontation with the law (Bjarnason & Carter, 2009). I will also ensure that the
nurses are trained on the code of ethics and they practice them when dealing with the patients in
their daily operations.
Finally, I understand that staff should be given quality time and their stresses should be
addressed not as an individual weakness but as a concern for the entire system. As a manager, I