Bottled Water Consumption

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In 2010, bottled water consumption within the U.S. was around 28 gallons per person. As a beverage category, bottled water represented $10.6 billion in annual sales. This category has grown at an impressive rate. In fact the value of the U.S. bottled-water market doubled in less than a decade. The success of this product represents a success for marketing. In this discussion thread we will examine some of the reasons for its success. Issues to Discuss: 1.Describe the target market for this bottled water. How does bottled water create value for target market consumers? 2.Examine the marketing mix elements. Discuss the product, distribution, price, and promotion for this product category. How do these elements contribute to the success of this product category? 3.Bottled water has come under attack from environmental groups for the amount of waste created by the bottles. How do you feel this concern about packaging waste will impact sales? How could the marketing mix elements be used to address this concern?

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