Book Research: How the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all by Paul Offit

The goal of this research paper is to connect mainstream public health literature to the field of public health. This will be accomplished by fulfilling three main components: 1) connecting a character in the text to public health, 2) connecting the text to one of the branches of public health, and 3) integrating public health research with the text and selected branch of public health.

Hopefully this research paper will be made easier by 1) completing the public health branches quiz and 2) using the worksheetPreview the documentView in a new window provided on Canvas. This worksheetPreview the documentView in a new window will help with outlining and organizing information for this assignment.

Technical Requirements:

  • There is no maximum word limit for this assignment
  • Double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins
  • Submit to the correct link in Assignments.  This uploads your paper to TurnItIn, a plagiarism detection device.  See plagiarism warning in the Institutional Policies section.
  • Direct quotes should not exceed 20% of the word count for a given section or for the entire paper
  • All information needs to be accurate and from reputable and reliable sources
  • Must include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles in the paper. All peer reviewed articles need to be published since 2000.
  • Be sure to include the book as a reference in your reference page and in-text citations
  • Correct use of APA referencing style including a reference page (you do not need an abstract or title page)
  • Correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Include section headings and word count for each section (this is not a “typical” research paper)
  • Paper does not need to include an introduction or conclusion paragraph
  • Remember, word counts are minimums. There are no maximum word limits so you can certainly exceed the posted minimums for each section.
  • Minimum word counts do not include citations. Minimum words counts are based on content only.

Content Requirements:

  • Section One: Character name (this section needs to be a minimum of 300 words of text; not including citations)

    Select one character in the book. Describe how your chosen character is related to the field of public health. Be sure to make this connection by including a few specific scenes from the text. This discussion should be different from your discussion posts (including the same content is considered self-plagiarism). This discussion can be general to public health. It does not need to be based in one of the public health branches.

    Caution: be careful if connecting a health care provider to public health. Being a health care provider (such as a doctor) does not automatically link a person to public health. Be sure to review the definition of public health and use appropriate examples.


  • Section Two: Public health branch (this section needs to be a minimum of 200 words of text; not including citation)

    Connect the book to one of the branches in public health [1) biostatistics, 2) epidemiology, 3) social-behavioral sciences, 4) environmental health, 5) occupational health, 6) global health, and 7) health policy and management]. Be sure to clearly pick only one branch and use specific examples from the book.

    I encourage you to review the resources provided at the beginning of the semester when you were preparing for the public health branches quiz.  Please keep in mind that there will be a point deduction for discussing more than one branch of public health in this section or incorrectly connecting this branch to the text.

    Caution: Students have the hardest time connecting the Social-Behavioral Sciences Branch. Be sure to key into the social determinants of health (not the physical determinants) for this discussion. I rarely, if ever, have students use Biostatistics. Remember, biostatistics emphasizes statistical measures to answer public health questions. If you select this branch your discussion should be focused on the type of data analysis used and not the actual area of research.

  • Section Three: (this section needs to be a minimum of 600 words of text; not including citations or article titles)

    Find at least two recent (2000-2014), scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles that are related to both the book and your branch of public health from section two. Include a summary of each article (article purpose, findings, and overarching implications), its connection to the selected branch of public health (from section 2), and its connection to the book. Each of these connections should be clear to the reader and thorough. Do not just “gloss” over these connections – they are an important component of this section of the paper.

Recommended formatting for section 3:

Step 1: Journal title
Step 2: Summary of journal article (1 paragraph)
Step 3: Connection between journal article and branch of public health (1 paragraph)
Step 4: Connection between journal article and book (1 paragraph)

Repeat the above steps for the second article