biology homework


biology homework

Please view the following videos: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

  1. Then read the following article, which can be found on Please consult with a librarian if you have difficulty finding or retrieving the article.


Predictors of Bone Mineral Density in African-American and Caucasian College-Aged Women

*Andrea K. Johnson 1, M. Allison Ford 2, Tamekia L. Jones 3, Vinayak K. Nahar 2, Jeffrey S. Hallam 4


Library Learning Activities BIO 111 (ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 1)

Reading and understanding current literature in the biological and health sciences is a very important component in the education of the undergraduate college student and especially to the developing health professional.  Therefore, all students in Biology 111 will need to complete a review of TWO ARTICLES (ASSIGNMENT 1 and ASSIGNMENT 2) from professional journals using the following guidelines:

All information SHOULD BE TYPED ON ONE TO TWO PAGES. Type double or 1.5 spaced, size 12font, margin 1” left, right, upper and lower.


  1. At the top of your paper cite the article using APA format (refer to the following link:




  1. Identify the purpose of the study.




  1. Briefly explain the normal anatomy and physiology of the system being investigated.



  1. Identify the variables being examined (i.e. what is being measured?).



  1. Briefly summarize the findings of the research.




  1. Explain why the findings of this study are important.