Biodegradable Polymers & their Applications  

Order Instructions/Description

1- 2 pages of typed text plus any additional diagrams, charts, tables, etc.
2- Links to a number of resources have been provided on the Moodle page to assist you with your research.
3-In a general way, define what is meant by biodegradable in a biomedical context. Outline the differences mechanisms for degradation. List a number of different types of biodegradable polymers.
4-Discuss in some detail polyglycolides, polylactides and poly(lactide-co-glycolide)s – an important family of biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications. Discuss the chemical structure, properties (including degradation properties) and applications of these polymers. Define important technical terms that you come across.
5-You will need to refer to at least 4 sources of information in your essay (you can use the ones provided or others of your own choosing).
6-Essay will need 10 – 15% material that is direct  quotation. Anywhere you use a  quotation you will need some of your own text (either before or after) that puts the quote in context (i.e. let’s me know that you understand what’s being said in the quotation).