Big Data 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The writer must select one case study and write a report covering all the topics asked in the requirement The person who do this work must have the knowledge of tools Master Data Management (MDM), ETL/ELT/data enrichment, data warehousing, BI, and advanced analytics requirements necessary to support the Customer Intimacy business strategy so that he/she can write about these tools in report easily and I need executive summery table of contents and conclusion and also please do in text reference need not be exactly 10 references but 5 is must


Your report should address:

  1. Why Big Data intelligence is important?
  2. How do Big Data management helps in IT Process management?
  3. How structured and unstructured data can be merged for decision making?
  4. What role social media plays in organisations decision making?
  5. Your report should consist of 3000 words and use 5 scholarly articles.


Some of the Big Data Use Cases can be found at


Assessment marking criteria:

  1. Introduction 15%
  2. Organisation 20%
  3. Quality of Information 25%
  4. Grammar Usage 15%
  5. References used 10%
  6. Conclusion 15%