Benihana of Tokyo case

Benihana of Tokyo case

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Strategy Execution Group Project – Each group will be expected to research and write up a real case of strategy execution. You will be expected to use the general frameworks we have discussed in class to analyze the process and outcome of an attempted strategy execution. The case you choose can be a case of success or failure but it should be a real case either from your personal experience or from publically available sources. You will be marked on both the quality of the presentation and the depth and coherence of the content that you present.

Individual Case Analysis – Each student will be expected to complete a case analysis of the Benihana of Tokyo case (9-673-057) using the concepts from class. Please answer the following questions:

  1. What was Aoki’s strategy for Benihana when he first started out? Use the 7-S model to analyse his efforts to execute the strategy.

  2. Aoki is thinking about several options to expand into new areas of activity. One options is to start small “Japanese fast food restaurants”. Using the 7-S model, what changes do you think would be required to execute this new strategy?

You will have two weeks to complete this assignment and must submit the results on Moodle by May 23rd. Your assignment should be a maximum of 1000 words.