Beginning new IS/IT projects from a systems viewpoint

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Beginning new IS/IT projects from a systems viewpoint
IS/IT projects are rarely repetitive, and each project is a unique effort. However, one thing that all IT projects share is that they are developed with a system viewpoint and require an excellent understanding of the context and environment of the proposed system to be successful. New project ideas are often generated in brainstorming sessions, and at the beginning of a project, IS/IT project managers must decide which tools are best used to generate ideas within the context of a systems viewpoint.
In this Discussion, you will explore brainstorming from a systems viewpoint.
To complete this Discussion:
Post an essay in which you critically examine, from a systems viewpoint, the role of brainstorming sessions in developing new IS/IT project ideas. Suggest, and support, any alternative approaches.
A typical paper should have max 550 words minimum 400 words. Cite at least four in-text cited references preferably from peer-reviewed journals, in addition to referenced figure or image support the paper. Also, to take one of the references from:
Lientz, B.P. (2011) Information technology project management. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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