Becoming a Registered Nurse

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Assessment #2 – Assignment Part B

Assignment PART B: Critical Analysis Paper (2000 words) (40%) (Graded)

This assignment requires you to choose and critically analyse an issue that you have identified as being important to you as a beginning registered nurse. Building upon your e-journal entries and readings, this assignment requires that you read further around your issue of interest and critically analyse the literature to consider the implications for your practice.


This section of the assessment allows you to demonstrate that you are able to independently construct new understandings of the course content and demonstrate an ability to translate evidence based knowledge into practice


For this assignment please choose ONE e-Portfolio entry from either topics ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR OR FIVE ONLY.


Please discuss the selected issue in greater detail with reference to academic literature explaining how this issue will inform your transition to professional practice as a beginning registered nurse.


Please use the question you answered for topic 5 which is as below:

How do registered nurses maintain their safety and promote quality in practice, particularly when they may be required to work in a diverse range of practice settings, often at short notice?


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