Beauty Today and its Biblical View

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Discussions Board Instructions Your Discussion Board forums will be divided into two parts: an original thread in response to the instructor’s prompt and at least one reply to a classmate’s posting. Thus, in order to earn full credit for each forum, you must post at least 2 times per forum. Review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric for a list of grading criteria and and points. As you complete the Discussion Board assignments, please adhere to the following standards: • Original threads should be 200–250 words. This parameter helps to promote writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit other students to read all the postings. • Appropriate references should be made in APA format. • First person (“I” and “we”) is allowed in all posts. • Post a 100–word reply to another student’s posting. • Title the subject line of the replies “Response to John Smith,” “Response to Jane Doe,” etc. so that it will be clear who you are responding to. • Please note that “I like what you said”, “That’s a good comment”, and “I disagree with your comment” in and of themselves do not count as complete replies. Instead, state why you liked or disliked the comment, add additional thoughts or ideas to the original comment, or provide alternative ideas/thoughts when you disagree. • Follow all of the stated deadlines for the threads and replies. • Courtesy in any disagreement is expected; see the Student Expectations link for guidelines on proper netiquette. One of the goals of discussion boards is to encourage student community learning; thus, not every posting will have a response from the professor. Rather, the instructor will respond to a few postings in a way that adds to the conversation, asks a pertinent question, or summarizes some of the key points made by students. NOTE: Here are some lead phrases that demonstrate higher levels of thinking: • “Some common themes I see between your experiences and our textbook are…” (analysis) • “These newer trends are significant if we consider the relationship between …” (synthesis) • “The body of literature should be assessed by these standards …” (evaluation)
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