Bacteria Transformation on Ampicillin

Lab report is on what you expect to see if the bacteria plated on the ampicillin rich medium were successfully transformed. (using E.coli as the bacteria) Two different plasmids are used puc18 and lux plasmid. Both plasmids contain beta lactamase which disrupt the lactase ring and inactivate the bond.

Six different bacteria plates

1. LB c- Control, has plasmid puc18 contains beta lactamase, lawn growth(free to grow)
2. LB/Amp c- ampicillin and puc18, colonial growth
3. LB np- No ampicillin and no plasmid, lawn growth, no restriction
4. LB lux- Lux plasmid, contains two genes, luciferase and betalactamase, no ampicillin, lawn growth.
5. LB/Amp lux-Lux plasmid and ampicillin
6. LB/Amp np- no plasmid and ampicillin, no growth

incorporation of gram-negative and transpeptidase