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Students will research and write a 3-5 page, typed, double-spaced essay that analyzes a particular feature of Florida history. The research paper will incorporate a thesis and an argument that is persuasively argued using one primary source and at least two secondary sources produced by professional historians. The paper will conform to MLA guidelines for documentation and to the formatting standards of a college paper (typed, 12-point Times New Roman font with standard margins). It will be stapled and covered with a title page. A digital copy will be uploaded to Turnitin.

 practice the skills of the historical craft: research and analysis
 expand one’s knowledge of Florida’s past
 practice critical thinking in finding and analyzing information
 demonstrate that history is a narrative in which we all participate

Analysis means that you gather information, organize it, and present it to the reader. Unlike an informational writing, an analytical essay is organized by a thesis.

Choose something that interests you. (Axe handle Saturday) use books and primary source as a sources.

A) Gather information, starting with tertiary sources such as an encyclopedia (suggestions… ), noting the suggested bibliography that appears at the end of the article entry in the encyclopedia. Next, find out what historians say about the subject. Florida Historical Quarterly (available online). You will need at least 2 scholarly sources. Articles from Florida Historical Quarterly and from the JSTOR database are peer reviewed and therefore scholarly.

• 1 scholarly sources (not a book review) from the JSTOR database
• 1 scholarly source (peer-reviewed article or book)
• 1 primary source (this can often be found online)

B) Draft your essay. The draft starts the process of organizing your information and ideas.
C) Read and revise your draft.

Research Essay
 The essay contains a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph that asserts an argument such as “The Hudson River School of Painting introduced a new era of American Art.”
 The body of the paper will then present evidence that prove or demonstrates this point.
 Each paragraph indicates the source of information within it, regardless of whether the material is quoted.
 Quoted material appears within quotation marks and is properly documented.
 Parenthetical documentation follows the MLA style guide.
 A Works Cite page is included.
 Bibliography page