Authentic Case Study Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Part One
• Based on the information provided, what are the student’s strengths, interests, and learning needs? What other assessments might you give or information might you collect? and why?

• Depending on your method area and the information already collected or available, the additional information you choose to collect will vary.

• *Provide empirical evidence to support use of assessments or collection of other information/data.

Part Two
• Design questions for each of the 18 strategies in Williams’ Differentiation model that you could use in your method area to support this student’s affective and cognitive learning needs. The questions should coalesce around a single topic and student outcomes.
• Questions should be presented as:
• Topic:
• Student Outcomes:
• Paradox:
• Attribute Listening:

Part Three
• What five sequenced learning activities could you use in one topic in your method area to support this student’s individual needs and justify your choices.

• Also include any teaching, grouping, or scaffolding techniques that could support this student’s learning and explain why?

• *Provide empirical evidence to support use teaching, grouping, or scaffolding techniques.

Part Three continued 
Presentation of Activities:
• Activity One
• Objective:
• Outcome:
• Explanation of Activity: explained in enough detail for someone else in your method area to recreate (this is where you would include the teaching, grouping, or scaffolding techniques)

Part Four
• How could you teach this student to be an autonomous learner and what learning activities would you use to support autonomous learning for this student? 

Or if you feel that the student is already on the road to becoming an autonomous learner, what continued supports does this student need?

**Please provide empirical evidence to support your conclusions.

Part Five
• Reference section
• 3-5 references in addition to course texts (no older than 2004)