Australian Corporate Law

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



I’ll upload additional files, please read through all files.


Use these two resources as your reference:


Corporate Act 2001. (2014). 20th ed. Government press.

J.Harris, A.Hargovan and M.Adams, (2013), Australian Corporate Law. 4th Edition. Chatswood,NSW, LexisNexis Butter worths.

Other resources are not necessary.


Tech requirements and advice same as HA1, reproduced below, and in-class question from this week’s class below-below:

o No more than two (2) A4 pages (including references – see below)

o Typed in 12 point Times New Roman font

o Character spacing: ‘Scale’ set to 100%, ‘Spacing’ at ‘Normal’

o Single-spaced

o Page margins of 2.5 cm (left, right, top and bottom)


“Read questions carefully, and to imagine yourself in the situation given, either as a director, shareholder, or other interested party – doing this should give you the guiding principles for deciding what arguments to pursue, what is relevant and what is not, and what is worth including in your two pages of discussion. As discussed in classes, it is important to establish what the relevant standard expected by the Corporations Act/relevant case law is, and then apply that to find a resolution to the problems in the circumstances. Also, if anything is unclear or you need more information from the circumstances, don’t hesitate to say this and provide a tentative conclusion on the evidence you do have. Seeing each activity engaged in individually, and as part of a course of conduct are also important to getting an understanding of each party’s position and what they are likely to argue and ask for in the circumstances. Finally, arguing both sides of a dispute can help you sharpen your answers and arrive at more reasoned conclusions.”