Auditing and Forensic Accounting

The purpose of this assignment is to assist students understand the challenges facing auditors and accountants when working in a forensic capacity with limited financial and non-financial information. It is my second time ordering with you guys. You did a great job the first time and i hope you keep up the great standard. So for this assignment, because it is very technical, Choose a writer who knows, understand and is knowledgeable about accounting, but more specifically with forensic accounting.
The assignment is divided into 3 parts:
1. Use the Fraud Triangle and Fraud Scale to critically analyze the behaviour of Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan during the WorldCom saga. What does your analysis suggest? (10 marks).
2. * The following actions featured in the WorldCom fraud:
Action 1
WorldCom employees Dan Renfroe and Angela Walter made journal entries in the amount of $150 million and $771 million, respectively, without detailed support.
Action 2
A journal entry was made to recognize $35 million of revenue in 2001 from the EDS contract based on performance projections.
Assuming WorldCom was a company operating in Australia at the time of the fraud, select ONE of the above Actions and discuss in plain English if the selected action represents ‘false accounting’. Your discussion must consider relevant accounting principles and specifically consider the elements that make up the offence of false accounting as discussed in lectures (10 marks).

  1. Part A:
    Analyze the attached FY2000 and FY2001 WorldCom financial statements using:
    (a) Horizontal and Vertical Analysis.
    (b) Beneish ratios and
    (c) Calculate M-scores using both the five variable and eight variable models for FY2000 and FY2001. Show all calculations.
    What does your analysis suggest? (10 marks)

So as you can see it is not an easy assignment, and a writer familiar with those forensic accounting terminologies and ratios would be more suitable for the job. I shall upload all the required documents which will be needed to do this assignment but also further/ extra research (and references ) will be required. All the best. Thank you very much. Best Regards,


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