Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This is a research paper, so you have to find out a problem for the research question/statement to be used as a hypothesis for the research paper. The topic of the research paper is audit documentation. This link is the information regarding the audit documentation
After you come up with the research problem question/ statement, please message me regarding the research topic.
Here is the guidance in writing the paper
a. Focus your work on a report that reflects the purpose of the SAS, analysis of the SAS, and provides a conclusion. At minimum, headings for the purpose, analysis, and conclusion sections of your paper are required.
b. The purpose section should also include authoritative citations.
c. The analytical discussion section should primarily be based on your personal assessment of the research.
d. The closing discussion section should summarize the key findings based on your analysis and include auditing practice implications of the SAS.
NOTE – APA Citations Requirement – Research Papers: APA-formatted citations and References pages are required for all ideas and concepts that are not the student’s own original work, regardless of source (i.e., textbook, journal articles, reference books, the Internet, etc.). This requirement applies to paraphrased work, quotations, and block quotations.