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You do not need to use 4 sources, use as many or few as you need to.


Assume that you are a staff writer for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and are tasked with the job of reducing the errors that startup companies make that can get them in legal trouble when trying to raise money. Write a document that could be posted online that shows all the ins and outs of raising money from investors. Make it an educational, informative piece that entrepreneurs would want to read. Be sure to cover such questions as: What does it mean to be an accredited investor? Why is it important, and what must be considered? What happens if you have investors who are not accredited? What other kinds of investors are there? Why does the SEC get involved in all this? Why is it important for you to understand the difference if you are going to raise equity investment funds for your startup? Basically, show me you understand what all this is about, even if you dont plan on raising equity in the US for your business.