Assignment 5

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Assignment 5  – Begin a Working Draft of

Chapter One: Introduction

In the next unit, the first major component of your dissertation is due: Chapter One: Introduction.

While your chair is reading your prospectus or forming your committee, begin a working draft of chapter one.  Chapter one is an introduction to your study which identifies the problem and its components. Remember…some of the information included in your prospectus should be used for chapter one. This chapter should:

  • describe the problem background (nature of the problem)
  • identify the purpose of the study
  • present the guiding research question(s) or hypotheses
  • provide the definitions of the terms
  • identify the limitations and delimitations of the study, and explain the significance of and justification for conducting the study.


After reading the chapter, the reader should be satisfied that:

  • a case has been made for the existence of a problem or appropriateness of the topic;
  • the problem has been clearly delineated;
  • and the problem or topic has intellectual merit worthy of doctoral dissertation research.