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Chapter 3


Question#1(50 words)

Why does Mauss begin his book with a poem from the Havamal?


Question#2 (50 words)

What is the significance of the Potlatch for Mauss’ argument?


Question#3 (50 words)

How was “arrogance” the key to understanding the Bushman’s criticism?


Question#4 (50 words)

What is the danger of allowing a braggart to continue in a society without police?


Chapter 5

Part #1

Step 1: Read the blog post on “Telling Your Story.”

Step 2: Then compose a 120 character (i.e., the size of a “tweet”) story of you.


Part#2 (50 words)

Define communication from an anthropological perspective.


Chapter 6



5.Post the lede with a link to the story on the discussion board for this chapter.



Question#1 (50 words)

Why was “cutting of the turkey” such an important event for this family?

Question#2 (50 words)

What did it symbolize for those assembled?

Question#3 (50 words)

Do you have similar events in your life that are equally powerful in their symbolic pull on you and your relatives or friends?


Chapter 7


Part #1

Step 1: Read about writing great blog content at: “”write-great-blog-content/

Step 2: Read at least ONE of the following blog postings on food: (A) “Forget Fish Fridays,” (B) “Lust, Lies And Empire” or  (C)“Freshwater Shrimp.”

Step 3: Write a 500–700 word blog post


Guiding Question: Where is the anthropology?

That is to say, find some feature of the article you chose that approaches the subject from a holistic, comparative or evolutionary perspective.  Or if you really want to be impressive, describe how the article you chose illustrates the intertwined reality of nature/nurture.





Part#2 (50 words)

Illustrate your knowledge of the relationship between food consumption and health in the Writers Corner Activity and summarize here.


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