Assessment and Policy Development

Select a topic and have it approved by the instructor by Day 3 of Week Three.  Next, create two to three PowerPoint slides that provide a solid assessment of the health issue that you intends to tackle throughout this course. The Assessment must include epidemiological methods and the following items:

  • Descriptive information on the target population (age, gender, culture, ethnicity, etc.) and location (city, town, state, etc.)
  • Identification, through assessment, means of the health issue or problem and how it has affected the target
  • population.  Information on impact could come from mortality and morbidity reports, academic research, etc. Avoid using online sources such as WebMD. Government sources are fine, but the databases within the Ashford University Library are the best resources for journal articles that provide data on health impact.
  • Risk factors as outlined by epidemiological means (e.g., social and behavioral determinants within the community or among the population that contributes to or ameliorates this problem)
  • Other demographic information outlined by epidemiological assessment measures
  • An explanation of how the two essential services that revolve around assessment are applied to this health problem.  These services: Monitor Health and Diagnose and Investigate, ensure that a community’s health assessment is accurate.

Components of the Assignment

  • Two to three PowerPoint slides (excluding title and reference slides) with speaker notes that provide information on the selected topic and a brief background of the issue. This does not have to be presented via a screencast program.
  • A separate title slide
  • A topic that focuses on a public health issue or problem within a community, city, state, or county.
  • A clear and concise thesis/problem statement that is supported with academic research and epidemiological evidence (surveillance, census information, etc.)
  • References in the speaker notes or on a final slide.

Here is my approved Topic:  Affordable Care Act/health insurance issues (accessibility)

Demographics: young adults in Chicago and obtaining insurance.

Tackle the assessment by determining how many young adults reside in Chicago, how many have insurance, how many do not…why they have insurance and why they do not…etc. That would give you the purpose behind why policies should be developed in relation to mandating insurance purchases through the ACA.

You are not really looking at health problems as a result of not getting insurance….you are actually approaching this as a public health benefit to obtaining health care coverage.

–       are there social reasons for not having insurance (religious, perception that they should receive free care. things like that)

–       mortality rates of young adults which could have been reduced by preventable services

–       what are the most common illnesses to young adults

–       Any other thing you can think of