As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who was raised as a girl

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I need a 4page double spaced essay on the above mentioned book. The essay must focus on major highlight of the book and must be based on opinions of the highlights. Please include citations thank you.
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As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who was raised as a girl
The book by John Calapinto talks about a boy who was raised as a girl’. A Canadian couple (Ron and Janet Reimer) in 1967 gave birth to identical twin boys (Brian and Bruce Reimer). At the age of eight months during their circumcision, one of the boys loses his pennies accidentally. The tragedy traumatizes the parents who seek help from Dr. John Money, the sexual development and gender identity psychologist at John Hopkins hospital. The doctor who believes that gender is environment influenced and not innate. He trains Bruce to live like a girl. It is so hard for the child Bruce who is named Brenda to live the girl life. Instead of playing with dolls, she loves trucks and toy cars: the kind of life that makes her grow in distress and hardship within the family and at school. At age 14, the parents decide to tell their child what is happening…….ORDER NOW….@..
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