art post the machine

Term Paper Announcement Instructions Create in the following order: 1) a descriptive paper title 2) a subtitle to show focus and specificity 3) a thesis statement (if possible in one long sentence but don’t worry if you can’t do it in only one sentence) that includes the point of your argument, the breadth of that argument, and the argument’s significant concepts and details 4) a detailed, step-by-step description of the writing or argumentative strategy to be employed in your paper (i.e. not a summary but rather a narrative that explains HOW you will prove your thesis 4) a bibliography of all sources both primary and secondary, in MLA format and alphabetized, and in hanging indents. For the purposes of this assignment, use must be made of at least three secondary research sources (one of them hard copy) excluding assigned readings, textbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries. You should read up (there are links for this at our Moodle page and course website) on what a secondary source is.