Art and Jack Kirby

This is what is written in the assignment instruction sheet.
In viewing the art exhibit in the Art Galleries, find the following:
1- Find about the artist.
2- Find a work of art that you like.
3- Find a work of art that you do not care for.
4- Find a work of art that stands out in your memory after you have seen the gallery.
5- Why you like or dislike the gallery/ give your opinion about the gallery.

Write a two page review as if you are an art critic describing the show to someone who has not seen it.

Every point in a paragraph.
show art pieces which you should choose 3, one you like, one you do not care for, one you cant forget or stands in your memory and why,will be included.

two photos that has the writer information which fulfills the first paragraph will be included. you also my look in the internet about the writer.

Feel free to ask me any more questions.
Do perfectly.


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