Arguments Presented Against the Continued Practice of Death Penalty

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The paper needs to be a Classical Argument about the Death Penalty (against it) for an ENG102 Composition class. Set margins at one inch on all four sides of the page: top, bottom, left, and right. Indent new paragraphs half an inch, and do not put extra line spaces between paragraphs. Just double space the whole paper, in other words. Use twelve-point type, and use a standard typeface such as Arial, Courier, New Times Roman, or Georgia. Use the Header function on your word processor to number your pages consecutively in the upper right corner of the page.
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The Continued Practice of Death Penalty
A great number of countries worldwide have so far abolished death penalty whereas a reasonable number of them still maintain and retain it in their laws or even practice it. For instance, countries that have continued to maintain and practice death penalty include United States, China, and so on where convicts are mainly executed through lethal injections. In the recent past there has been a heated debate as to whether death penalty should be abolished or continued in countries that are still retaining it in their laws. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a great number of national constitutions together with other international instruments of human rights recognize an individual’s right to life and the right not to be subjected to degrading, cruel and inhumane treatment or punishment and have therefore discouraged all forms of human life termination. A great number of people are opposed to death penalty globally. However, a commendable number of countries have continued to believe that using it makes them capable of solving urgent political and social problems when hardcore prisoners are executed……ORDER NOW….@..
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