Argue about Deo’s Life in America

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Please read the files I upload carefully! (Two files: Request and UDHR)

The essay requirement:
After read the book (Strength In What Remains, which the author is Tracy Kidder) from chapter 1 to chapter 8, write an essay about: 
Argue what you believe is(are) the most significant obstacle(s) facing Deo in his struggle to survive and/or thrive in America. Choose 1-2 main obstacle(s), considering the UDHR articles that have been denied, as well as Deo’s own personal and cultural conflicts.

I consider that the most significant obstacles are:
1. He can not enjoy the free education in American. The tuition fee for Deo is too expensive for him when he first came to America.
(In the UDHR which I send to you, the number 26, it said “Everyone has the right to education and to free primary education”. But Deo has not get this right.)

2. He doesn’t have enough food, health care and a good place to live when he first came to America.
(In the UDHR, the number of 25, it said that “Everyone has the right to a home, enough food and health care.)

3. He can not find a good job. 
(In the UDHR number 23, “Everyone has the right to work for a fair wage in a safe environment and also has the right to join a trade union.)

You can choose what I choose. You also can choose other rights in UDHR which I have uploaded.

1. In the introduction paragraph, please use a hook at the beginning of the paragraph, and give a clear thesis at the end of the introduction paragraph.
2. In the body paragraph, you should have topic sentence at every body paragraphs. Then, use the examples and evidences in the book, Strength In What Remains. Finally, you should explain it. 
3. You should give a strong conclusion.
4. Use MLA style. 
5. Resource just from the book, Strength In What Remains.
6. No grammar errors.