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about the editing below the supervisor comments;

Comments on first draft
2. Section 2.1 is a little weak and the references to Oregon are not convincing, there are other more generic and authoritative sources that you could use;

3. the conclusion to this chapter (2.5) is rather weak;

4. You say at the conclusion to chapter 4 (at p135) that the new Saudi Arbitration law has “reawakened the business community’s enthusiasm towards arbitration etc” Where or what is the evidence for this?;

5. The second half of chapter 8 is full of recommendations (practical, policy, legislative) – this is great but it would be useful for the reader to have all of the recommendations summarised in a table at the end of the chapter;

6. As it is, the recommendations are spread out in the chapter in various bullet points and it can be hard to remember their significance when reading them. A table of recommendations at the end of the chapter would be useful;