Applying the RDMP

Applying D-Making: Submit Hard Copy-
What type of job would you like to have?
Apply the rational decision making process to select the best job — Begin your analysis with researching 3 to 5 potential jobs that you would like to have, then apply the 6 steps of the process. Use the book and any other sources— for example, look at
For decision criteria you may use your own or use the criteria: pay, outlook, work environment, stress, physical demands, etc. I recommend you use 7-10 criteria
Outline of your Report:
I. Title________________________
Name____________________ Date_________________________
II. Applying the RDMP
1-Define the problem
2-Identify Decision Criteria
3-Weight the Criteria
4- Generate Alternatives (different jobs)
5- Evaluate Each Alternatives
6- Compute the Optimal Decision
III. Learning Lessons-add two comments about the value and difficulty of this HW, and one about the quality of your report
Note1- Limit the length of your report to 3-4 Pages—Get help from the book – see Exhibit 4.9
Note2- Use tables and bullets when appropriate