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Your initial outline for your research paper in health care is due this module. Your outline will be the skeleton from which you will write your project. Your outline should contain an idea for your introduction, thesis, and two sections of a body comprised of a minimum of two potential areas of change related to the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act. Sub-sections of each area should include the cause of the change, short-term effects, and long-term effects of this change. An idea for a conclusion should come at the end. For a summary of requirements, see original assignment in Module 02 Course Project – Introduction.

Thesis and Outline

Thesis Statements

Study the thesis statement samples given here and then write your own. Note the attempt to state the issue in terms of problem-solution. Remember, these are just samples to use as models for your own writing.

  1. The issue: Inmate education and community corrections.

Thesis: Inmates with a track record of harming society should be required to pursue educational classes while incarcerated to obtain their high school diploma to assist them in entering society and becoming a contributing member to their local community upon release.

  1. The issue: juvenile offenders and community treatment.

Thesis: If a juvenile is placed in prison, the community should be involved in treatment and rehabilitation to keep the young person from becoming a life criminal and to join society in a positive way.

  1. The issue: health care legislation and impact on providers

Thesis: Pre-existing conditions, insurance ceilings, and [third example] – all legislated by the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act  – will significantly change the work of health insurance companies.

  1. The issue: other areas of medicine and pharmacy

Thesis A: Confidentiality in medical practice impacts my specialized discipline of medical information technology through [item 1] and [item 2].

Thesis B: Our focus here is on the four ways that ethics as related to medical records applies to pharmacy: [insert ways 1, 2, 3, and 4 – word or phrase for each.]

Sample Rough Outline for any topic

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening to capture interest
    2. Transition sentence that leads to thesis
    3. State thesis (like the samples above)
  2. Body
    1. First Supporting Evidence (required)
      1. Quote from your research
      2. Example
    2. Second Supporting Evidence (required)
      1. Quote from your research
      2. Example
      3. Personal experience
    3. Third Supporting Evidence (optional)
      1. Quote
      2. Personal Experience
  3. Conclusion
    1. Wrap up essay by summarizing or restating your thesis.
    2. Close with a snappy line.