Application Project: Final Draft Submission

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



You will be required to develop and submit a final project paper demonstrating an understanding of the course topics by analyzing, evaluating, and developing recommendations supporting use of an unmanned system design/configuration to meet a task manually performed by humans or that is uncontrolled. For this project you will need to perform the following:
Identify a task currently performed by another system (e.g., manned or uncontrollable) that an unmanned system would be well suited to perform.·
Discuss the perceived need of the system (why an unmanned system would be preferable, benefits and advantages) based on a current issue with the existing manner of performing the task.·
Compare and contrast possible unmanned system platforms and designs appropriate for the task.·
Evaluate and discuss the considerations (technological, social, environmental, and political) associated with an unmanned system application solutions, including contributing factors, end effects, and legal, ethical, and safety concerns.·
Formulate a specific solution or research strategy to address the perceived need including any appropriate recommendations or conclusions.·
Utilize an appropriate research method and statistical analysis (if applicable) to obtain data and reference materials to support your work.·
Recommend future research strategies to better understand the issue and add to the collective body of knowledge associated with unmanned systems.·