Application of Paradigm Model on Two Questions

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There are 2 questions. Each is work 30 points. Use APA format. for the first question use the same strategic paradigm model and format that you used before. Second question use the retirement plan and also graphs and numbers. to support. choose something from “Wall street journal” for this question. 1. Whom am I as a leader…of Dell now going private. Use the paradigm and develop the strategic management model. 2. You are planning and organizing so as to control your eventual retirement income. Use the appropriate elements of the model to demonstrate your successful strategic plan.
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Application of Paradigm Model on Two Questions
My decision to go private after being a leader of Dell for many years has been informed by my desire to expand career expectations. The leadership skills that I have gained from Dell will be very helpful in my new venture. I will explain my decision based on the Strategic Management Analytical Paradigm, Method Before deciding to become private, I did thorough research on the possible options I had and how each of them would affect me. I sought guidance from other people who have ever ventured into private business to find out how they had managed their transition. The encouragement I got from my friends gave me hope of sticking to my decision until it was accomplished. Results To be successful in the private, it is vital to have clear objectives based on my experience as a manager in Dell (Dell, 2010). There is therefore need to have a mission, vision, and a broad strategy that will assist me to become a successful private investor….ORDER NOW….@..
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