Application of Nutrition Principles

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I am doing Administrative residency at Inner Harmony Wellness Center.My adviser gave my his project and he asked me to format a paper into the journal below: 1- Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 2- Alcohol and Drug Dependence I will attach his project to take a complete picture in order to know what actually you will do. Please try to help me out, because I have ordered it to be done within 6 hours. I have ordered application of nutrition principles in order to format it into one of the 2 journals one of them is Drug and Alcohol Dependence and the second journal is Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
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Application of Nutrition Principles
Nutrition Education and Behavior Reflective journal is designed to help one think deeply about learning process, especially on issues such as: the strategies you have taken to get around those difficulties, your progress in learning….ORDER NOW….@..
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