Anthropology Assignment


Directions: Read the questions below and formulate a response to each that is at least one page in length. Please cite the textbook and external resources to support your answer (Wikipedia sources are not permitted). List each resource used at the end of paper in the reference list section. Please remember that you may utilize LIRN to help you search for resources. You can visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to utilize LIRN successfully.

1. Contrast power and authority.

2. Contrast leadership in tribes and chiefdoms.

3. Describe two informal means of social control.

4. Describe and give an example of one dimension of social stratification.

5. What was the crime of Cephu, and how does the way the Mbuti dealt with Cephu illustrate informal means of social control?
PART I: Journal

Using a minimum of two resources ( is not an option) write a 1 page paper in APA format to demonstrate what means are used in various societies to maintain social control. Cite real time examples to support your generalizations.