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Format: 4-6 pages, more if you need it, double-spaced, with 12 font size, and normal margins. You may answer each question separately, just indicate which question you are now answering so they don’t run together. Use proper paragraphs and complete sentences in an expository narrative style to describe and explain your answers, not lists or bullet points. When you mention an idea or use a quote or something else taken from some specific place in a text, cite the page number(s) in parentheses (or Powerpoint page #), so I can look up the reference.
Final Paper Subject: 1. Are humans natural born killers? 2. What causes major violent conflicts and have those causes changed over time? 3.Are violent conflicts (such as war) more common today than in the past? 4. Are they more intense today than in the past? Use each of the assigned authors’ texts and the Powerpoint summaries of their works to
answer these questions. The texts and Powerpoint summaries are all listed in Canvas under Week 10. Take the authors and their works one by one and explain why they would respond one way or the other. Then lay out your own thoughts on each of the questions by siding with one or some of the authors and explaining why you did so.

Criteria for Evaluation: I will be grading your paper based on how well you make your case for your explanation of your answers to the questions, as well as how well organized and well written your paper is. Hence I will be evaluating the coherence, validity, and persuasiveness of your paper’s explanations as well as the quality of your paper’s prose (grammar, syntax, and punctuation). When you mention an idea or use a quote or something else taken from some specific place in the text, cite the author, title, page number(s) in parentheses, so I can look up the reference. If you write your paper without citations, you won’t get any credit.
Hints for Preparing to Write the Paper: Remember, you are answering each question for each author and then providing your own position or opinion on each question. Not all of the authors will be important to the answer of each question, so expect to highlight some in answering one question and others in answering another question. The materials are from Ehrenreich, Bodley and Ferguson. Make sure you read through all of the material before you answer the questions and make sure you read through the material thinking about the questions as you do so, taking notes, so you will only have to perhaps skim them again once you’ve read them.