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2 books attached….
Length & Format: three to five (3-5) pages of text, double spaced. don’t exceed this length. No long quotes. Specific references to text should be made with a footnote with the author’s last name followed by page number (e.g., Smith, 42).

Note: Address and answer the questions outlined below and will meaningfully organize these answers into a cohesive essay.

Interpretations of the Venetian Renaissance Interior:
Patricia Fortini Brown, “Behind the Walls: The Material Culture of Venetian Elites” in Venice Reconsidered: The History and Civilization of an Italian City-State, 1297-1797 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000), 295-338.

Monika Schmitter, “The Quadro da Portego in Sixteenth-Century Venetian Art,” Renaissance Quarterly vol. 63, no. 3, 2011, 693-751.

Questions to raise in your critical answer:
· What are the author s goals in writing this study? What is her/his main thesis?
· What kinds of visual and written evidence does the author use to support his/her
· How convincing are the authors  arguments? Is there anything you wondered about that
was not addressed by them?
· How would you characterize the methods used by these authors? That is, do they
practice such methods as connoisseurship (attribution and dating), iconography, social
art history, or a combination of approaches?
· How similar or different are the conclusions/interpretations that your two authors
· By all means, feel free to raise any other issues you find important or that we have

discussed in class, and to express your own ideas.

Make sure your essay has a thesis, which would be as simple as the observation that Brown and Schmitter discuss the Renaissance interior and material culture in Venice, and that they are similar in some ways and different in others. Then discuss each of their main theses. The bulk of your paper should be devoted to extrapolating on their sources: primary, contemporary publications, secondary sources, and the images themselves. While discussing these sources you should consider whether the author uses them in a convincing way. Be very specific and choose a variety of sources that they use, maybe 3 sources for each author.

This then should bring you to an observation as to how the articles are similar, and how they are different. Then characterize their approaches (social, iconographic, etc.) Toward the end of your essay offer your opinion. Is one author more convincing than the other, and why. Then conclude with a restatement of your thesis (e.g. the Renaissance interior).

make sure you’re addressing all of the questions you should be raising in your critical answer.