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  • Read the question carefully.
  • There a sample answer for each question that it’s by other student.
  • Read both question and answer again for better understanding.
  • Make your own answer and avoid any mistake made as well as miss info that not provide by others.
  • Should your answer based on your resources.
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  • Show your understand clearly, support it by argument, example, depth answer, refer to article in each origination (ex.., WTO. MEA. GATT).

Delivery and Resources


The required text for this course is the IISD and UNEP, Environment and Trade: A Handbook – Second Edition. It is available online at <>


Shawkat  Alam, Sustainable  Development and Free Trade (Routledge,2008).



Q 1:

Discuss how NAFTA has reconciled trade and environmental interests in its Treaty framework. Evaluate NAFTA’s environmental provisions.

Q 2:

Discuss the trade and environment nexus in the EU​.

Q 3:

What are the exceptions to the freedom of trade and competition to allow environmental protection in the treaty establishing the EC?

Q 4:

Examine the following trade and environment cases:

(a) Cassis de Dijion and

(b) Danish Bottles Case.


Discuss trade related provisions in the BASEL Convention, CITES, and Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and their implications for trade and environment.