ANOVA Use in Scholarly Research

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ANOVA  Use in Scholarly Research

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In “Growth and Expansion of Women-Owned Home-Based Business,” the authors conducted an ANOVA and listed p values. For this discussion, review their article with emphasis on the statistical assumptions, data collection hypotheses, ANOVA table, and the explanation of the results. Interpret the four separate one-way ANOVA analyses in Table 8, and respond to the following questions:

Did the authors ensure that all assumptions were met prior to conducting the ANOVA analysis?
Does the ANOVA answer the hypotheses?
How do the researchers explain the results contained in Table 8?
Which of the four tests are statistically significant?
Do the authors describe any problems or issues with the data?
Would you say that the analysis was successful?
Now that you are familiar with the ANOVA technique, how does that knowledge influence your reading of this article and its presentation of the results?