Anomaly Detection of Electricity Consumption

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


this order is to create 2 chapters for my dissertation or in other word design them the chapters i want you to design are 1- the methodology chapter and the evaluation ( the input and the out put )

my topic is :
anomaly detection of electricity consumption

i have a data set for big number of households from Ireland and the data set contain ( household ID, Time , day, and the consumption every 30 minutes)

my experiment i want it to be like the following if that’s works :
investigating 3 or 4 models of anomaly detection in this data set such as regression , ect. once i know which algorithm is performing better i will then build a model using this algorithm to detect the anomalies .

second method is a questioner : in this method i would be asking some questions to know how important is building these models ? and would the costumer be happy if the company provide him with yearly graph to know were his consumption was the worst ? and would he pay to know this info ? and so on ..

requirement :

plan and design the expermint in details and step by step that’s mean planing the input of every step and the out put for the subsequent step till the final out put and then do the same thing for the evaluating the experiment , how can we evaluate it and this stuff,

example of designing the experiment :
extract the data set , add some features.

i want to be clear when i meet the supervisor about each step in these chapters and know exactly and deeply want i will do

note : you can do the as a table of content with 2 lines explanations what exactly we will do in the head